standard 1985 Asean Agreement On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources

[11] Draft ASEAN Framework Agreement on Access to Biological and Genetic Resources (24 February 2000) < (7) In addition to the establishment of protected areas referred to in paragraph 3 of this Article, the Parties shall encourage, through the adoption of appropriate measures, the conservation of natural areas by private owners, municipalities or local authorities. The draft agreement was adopted at the sixth session of the ASEAN Expert Group on the Environment in 1983. It was signed on 9 July 1985 by the six member countries of the time, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. To date, only three of the six signatory countries, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, have ratified it. Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. It is therefore not yet in force. [85] Framework for ASEAN Regional Criteria and Indicators for the Sustainable Management of Natural Tropical Forests 29 March 2006;> 27 May 2007. [56] Manila Declaration on the ASEAN Environment, 30. April 1981 25 May 2007.

[66] March 29, 2006[ 106] See Kheng-Lian Koh, “One World-One Health, Avian Flu &SARS: The Policy and Legal Challenges of Zoonotic Diseases.” (presentation of a workshop on the threat to the security and conservation of emerging diseases and the effects on law and order, Bangkok, Thailand, 15. November 2004) (see ; An updated version of this document can be found in PowerPoint under .