standard Adobe Vip Agreement Terms

Government unity. Participation is conditional on the fact that the member (and any affiliate) is a “government entity”, i.e.: (a) a federal, central or national agency, department, commission, council, office, council or authority (executive, legislative or judicial); (b) a municipality, a special constituency, a city, a county or public authority, a department, a commission, a board of directors, an office, a board of directors, an institution or authority or any other executive, legislative or judicial authority created by the Constitution or the status of the state in power, including regional and administrative authorities; or (c) a public body or agency, created and/or funded by federal, regional or local governments, empowered to govern or support citizens, businesses or other public authorities. To avoid doubts, the following entities are not public bodies: private “profit” entities, non-profit organizations, trade or industry associations, higher education institutions and unions, including those working on behalf or with government authorities, unless that entity has a specific letter of authorization from a U.S. government unit in accordance with FAR Part 51. The member represents Adobe by ensuring that it and its related companies are government agencies. A list of qualified “government agencies” for Japan is available at The member who is an educational institution (defined below) is subject to the following additional conditions. Adobe reserves the right to terminate educational affiliation if a member is not an educational institution. 2.2 Console. The user interface for program management is “Admin Console.” As soon as the terms of this agreement are accepted, the person who is accepted on behalf of the Organization is assigned as the holder of the contract.

The contract owner can add system administrators (one “administrator” each). The contract owner and each administrator have access to admin Console, where they can access the product, manage their subscriptions and view their account information. Admin Console allows the administrator to invite additional users within his organization to access the administration console. The member authorizes any director or contract holder to act on behalf of the member. 5.5 Generalities. The parties are independent contractors and the agreement is not construed as one of the other`s agent or partner. The member cannot surrender this contract (by law or otherwise) without Adobe`s prior written consent, and any prohibited assignment is cancelled. Adobe may, at its sole discretion, resettle or renew the agreement without the member`s prior written consent.