standard Chico State Housing Agreement

Like many campuses, Chico State takes a multitude of precautions to allow at least some students to live on campus. It limited university accommodation to individual rooms for about 750 students – about a third of the typical occupancy, according to the site. Students were allowed to move in on August 17, before classes began on August 24. In Chico State and in the days leading up to Hutchinson`s decision, campus officers attempted to contain the virus when students, teachers or employees were apparently infected. They followed the recommendations and instructions of the CDC of the CSU Chancellery and the office of Governor Gavin Newsoms. Students had to sign an agreement to comply with the health guidelines. Students who lived on campus and were infected were transferred to studios called “isolation spaces.” The decision to close the college residences at Chico State Campus and the few remaining classes in person is a sober warning to university officials across the state about their limited control over their students` off-campus activities. Chico State said its limited number of personal classes Monday and told students in an urgent message to leave campus apartments by the weekend, after nearly 30 people were tested for COVID-19 days after the start of the fall semester. Curtis, who is also the editor of student newspaper The Orion and covered the shutdown, said too many young adults work in group 18-24 in “vulnerable environments” like retail and restaurant, she said. “This tip can be attributed to a few things like friendliness, work, moving populated areas,” the state that also had widespread infections in Covid 19. Curtis wrote about the home closures for The Orion.

The university`s president, Gayle Hutchinson, announced in a statement Sunday that the in-person courses offered by the university at the beginning of the semester last week would only be online for the duration of the fall semester. She also asked students to evacuate the apartments on campus by Sunday, because almost every apartment on campus had at least one positive case, and there were “fears that the numbers will only increase.” “We have seen 15 cases out of a total of 7,997 people on campus since the beginning of the fall semester,” said the university, which defines the campus population as a student enrolled in at least one individual class or living on campus. This year, the campus welcomes about 2,600 students, or about 7,500 in a normal year. “We have handed over the residences to general services and CAL OES, which agree with the state and with the protocols that must be followed,” Huyck said. You can activate your portal account by accessing the CSU Chico homepage, click at the top of the page on PORTAL and follow the New Student Account link. If you are unable to register after 48 hours, call the university apartment office at 530-898-6325 or 800-730-4243.