standard Commission Only Sales Rep Agreement

For example, if the order was requested by an unauthorized account or if the order is assigned to another representative, the contract should stipulate that no commission will be paid in these circumstances. If you decide to set a sales quota for your representatives, you should also include this information in the agreement. Past performance is often a good indicator of minimum reasonable sales expectations. No other remuneration shall be granted to the commercial agent under this Agreement. The usual expenses related to the sales process, such as telephone and internet services, are borne by the distributor. All other eligible expenses must be approved in advance by the company. For example, a company that sells a machine that needs to be serviced regularly offers the representative who made the initial sale a commission on those maintenance services. The employee is entitled to the compensation earned before the date of termination. The worker is not entitled to compensation beyond the date of dismissal. If the worker`s employment relationship ends, he/she must submit all the rights he/she has for commissions within the period (in parentheses) after the date of termination effect on commissions.

All commission requests are cancelled by the employee if they are not claimed within [xx] days of the date of termination. 2. Duties of the employee For the first supplement to section 2.1, indicate the goods or the type of goods that the employee will sell. For the second supplement, indicate the nature of the buyers (for example. B the general public or certain traders). 2.1 Seller Employment. The worker provides sales services to the employer; The employee sells [the type of goods] (the goods) in the area described below [x] (type of buyer). In section 2.2.1, indicate the specific area in which the employee will sell. 2.2 Domain The employee provides sales services in [Enter Zone] (Zone).

The employee will not sell outside the indicated area At its discretion, the employer may change the territory at any time and in any way….