standard Growth Rebate Agreement

Volume discounts: The simplest of the discounts that have been designed to limit customer games and the most promising. Animal pricing is used and varies according to the actual volume of the order placed, instead of quoting a price based on a customer`s promised order volume. As a general rule, every quarter. With respect to B2B pricing, discounts are a proven method for pricing. Indirect customer discounts, sometimes called discounts to end-users, are discounts between a supplier and an indirect customer, i.e. the seller never charges this debitor. Despite the sale through the channel, the seller has an overview of the main end users, indirect customers of the supplier, and wishes to reward or motivate the specific behavior of the end user, although he has no credit or billing relationship with that customer. In addition to pricing on actual quantities rather than promised quantities, discounts can be refined to promote specific customer behaviour such as growth, retention, product assortment enhancement or the purchase of bundled offers. Like other forms of discounts used to change behavior, discounts allow sellers to inform customers of how the customer gets the lowest price. The burden of achieving the lowest price therefore rests with the customer, since the discount is only granted to achieve the result indicated. 2. Customers tend to remember companies that have customized their discounts. Studies show, for example, that customers are much more loyal to existing suppliers if they feel that the discount and incentive structure has helped them reduce their business costs.

Growth reductions: This is a variation in quantity discounts and is outlined to improve volume growth for a certain group of products. Generally paid on a targeted percentage of the volume. Many companies use discount standards that are too complex to get more revenue and margin. Often, the behavior of the customers you want to use to maximize margin is not as a result of these increasingly complex discounts. Creating a discount offer can often create a loyal customer base in many ways (below): growth discounts are a simple variant of volume discounts. Growth discounts designed to increase the growth of a certain family of products are like volume discounts with one condition: that the discount be paid on incremental volumes and not on all revenues or total volume. Growth is practically a condition of a discount on quantities.