standard R License Agreement

Be careful: The constant in almost all open source licenses is that you should add non-responsibility in the code you use. So if you`re copying another library, don`t forget to add to your license file the library you`re using and what the license of that particular code is. RStudio Server Pro Enterprise Named User (Unrestricted Servers): RStudio Server Pro Enterprise Named User is licensed on a user base named in at least 10 steps by 10 designated users or in RStudio Team Enterprise with at least 10 designated users. It contains RStudio Professional Drivers. An unlimited number of high-availability servers, staging servers and servers can be activated on demand at no additional cost. 1) Individual user license of teaching. If you receive the material under a single type of learning license for designated users, you can run as many instances as you require for your exclusive use, provided you meet all the terms of this Agreement. At a more pragmatic level, we think for a minute about the use of an addiction that has restrictions, such as one with the ACM license, which prevents any commercial use without the author`s explicit consent. If one of these packages is listed in Depends or Imports, it is installed with your package, and the NAMESPACE items in that package are used when your package is in use. This type of dependency could therefore be problematic if you opt for a more lax license.

For example, MIT allows the commercial use of your code. And it could be understood that the authorization of the code everywhere would be at odds with the restriction imposed by one of the required dependencies. In contrast, the book Advanced R is bi-conceded: RStudio Connect Standard Named User (Single Cluster): RStudio Connect Standard Named User (Single Cluster) is allowed on a pro user-server based named with at least 100 designated users or in the RStudio Team Standard with at least 20 designated users. It includes a single server activation and access to RStudio Professional Drivers. The publication of interactive python data products and the publication of the application interface (API) is enabled by at least 100 designated users. Additional named users can be purchased in stages of 50. Execution and staging servers can be purchased separately. C. with the exception of one type of assessment licence, public representation, advertising and other public dissemination of the redistributables, including any modification or modification of the redistributables covered by Section 2.2.B or part of them only for non-commercial purposes, subject to the following limitations: 5.1. After receiving the invoice from Intel or its reseller, you pay the license and support fee, if it exists, to Intel or its reseller, for us dollar materials according to your user type license – the development organization that has accepted the licensing terms for Intel SGX. 1.10 “Subscription Start Date” refers to the date a license key is made available to you to activate the software. If you, the licensee, think that Intel software is likely to present an error or security error, you should notify Intel privately of the problem and work with Intel to resolve the potential problem.