standard Washington Agreement Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vuéié and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti pledged to normalize economic relations on 4 September and signed an agreement in the presence of US President Donald Trump in Washington. However, issues such as what was signed, the consequences of this agreement for Belgrade and Pristina, and the future of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, which is taking place in Brussels, have not been resolved. While the absence of a direct reference to Huawei as a non-reliable supplier leaves room for interpretation, the soft signs between the United States and the five EU Member States, none of which mention the company by name, also leave an interpretation. Ultimately, domestic policy interests and external incentives will determine whether governments are translating these agreements into concrete action. He added that one of the most important parts of the agreement is that Kosovo has agreed to be part of the “mini-Schengen”, an economic area so far agreed between Serbia, Albania and Northern Macedonia. The EU has remedied all its anomalies and its impotence in its dialogue between the official Belgrade and Pristina. Although the Brussels agreement was signed in 2013, its main aspects have not yet been implemented. The EU was also powerless when the Government of Kosovo and its leader Ramush Haradinaj (AAK) unambiguously violated the CTA BY introducing additional taxes on imports of goods and services from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Most Western nations have recognized Kosovo`s independence. Serbia is backed by its allies, Russia and China, if it refuses to do so. Friday`s agreement provides for a one-year freeze on the issue of recognition in the US-led dialogue, but a European dialogue continues. He predicted an “important relationship” between the two countries and announced that Muslim-majority Kosovo and Israel had agreed to diplomatic relations.

The announcement follows an agreement brokered by the United States in August on normalizing relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. “Overall, I doubt there`s much left of the deal,” Bieber said. Given that Judaism, Christianity and Islam attribute their origins to a common ancestor to Abraham (Ibrahim), the trump administration`s intention was to convey a set of agreements that not only help to relax relations between the three great monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), but also to find lasting solutions to these decades and even centuries of unresolved questions and quarrels. However, it should not be forgotten that, until the First World War, the Middle East and the Balkans were covered by the same department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicating that relations and units in the two regions are similar and interconnected in many respects. Even in international circles, comparisons are made between disputes between Israel-Palestine and Serbia-Albania. “I welcome the signing of the s/w #Kosovo-#Serbia agreement today in Washington,” Thaci wrote on Twitter.